About Me


My name is Mantas and I'm the creator of MakerMantas.com. Board games have been a passion of mine since I was a little kid. Games like Monopoly and Uno sparked a passion for all things board games. From simple card games to complex board games like Gloomhaven or legendary tabletop RPG game Dungeon and Dragons, I had to try them all.

As an engineer, the more I have played those games, the more ways I have seen I could improve them: make setup times faster, make gameplay more enjoyable, or simply better. That's where another passion of mine comes into play: 3D printing. It is a completely new way of manufacturing that empowers people like me to actually develop and make products.

I started out on ETSY, but after a year on their platform and over 500 orders, I have decided that it is time to build my own website where I would have more flexibility and would be able to offer a wider selection of products for lower prices. I want to take full control of my small business in my hands and take it to the next level.

I truly believe that the products that I design and make are the best in the market and will greatly improve your gaming experience. Don't believe me? Give them a try, I offer free 14-day return, more on it HERE

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