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Organizer for Wingspan Dice and Goal Tiles/Objective Tiles

Organizer for Wingspan Dice and Goal Tiles/Objective Tiles

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Upgrade and organize your game with a compact and functional holder for the dice and goal tiles of Wingspan Board game. This organizer is designed in a way to make sure that all the game pieces stay in place both while you are setting up the game and playing as well as while you store it in the box. Yes, this organizer fits the original box. This organizer will hold all 5 dice and 8 objective tiles. Available in 12 different colors.

This product is designed and made by me and is not an official "Stonemaier Games" product.
Only the organizer is included. Wingspan, tokens, eggs, and other items aren't included.

This is a 3D printed object so small imperfections and layers might be visible on the finished product. It is made from recycled PLA plastic that was sustainably manufactured locally. This type of plastic is durable, relatively strong, UV resistant, and water resistant. While I design all my products to be as strong as possible, it is still plastic object that will break under big stress.

Not suitable for kids under 12 years.

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