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Ticket To Ride Europe Card Deck Holder

Ticket To Ride Europe Card Deck Holder

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Primary color
Unique and functional card holder/organizer for "Ticket to Ride Europe" card deck. It holds destination ticket cards, trains cards and used/discarded train cards. It will keep your game organized and mess free. I recommend putting the ticket cards in the middle, and used train cards with the train side up so players don't make a mistake and put used cards on the new train card pile. The card holder doesn't fit inside the original TTR box.

This product is designed and made by me and is not an official Ticket to Ride product.

I offer custom designs as well, so if you have a specific requirement or an idea for a different design feel free to message me.

This is a 3D printed object so small imperfections and layers might be visible on the finished product. It is made from recycled PLA plastic that was sustainably manufactured locally. This type of plastic is durable, relatively strong, UV resistant, and water resistant. While I design all my products to be as strong as possible, it is still plastic object that will break under big stress.

Not suitable for kids under 12 years.

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